The DeCash ecosystem!

Welcome to the world of DeCash! In this article we will introduce and explain DeCash and its DESH token. Enjoy reading!

To begin, what is DeCash?

DeCash is the first crypto currency with an intrinsic value. It is linked to an investment fund : Investigo!


As described in the white paper, Investigo is an investment fund initially composed of shares. Following the explosion of cryptos at the end of 2020 and the start of the bullrun, Investigo turned to the cryptos market. It is therefore currently composed 100% of crypto: Synthetix (SNX) / Swipe (SXP).

How does Investigo work?

If Investigo owns more than 30% of the liquidity of DESH on Uniswap (which is currently $300,000$ then the fund will purchase DESH, raising its price and then destroying the purchased DESH. If Investigo is below 30%, nothing happens.

The virtuous circle

As you know, DESH is connected to SWISS through the SWISS transaction fee. 1% of all SWISS transactions are sent to DESH. 50% of the fees collected are used to buy DESH and the other 50% are used to buy ETH. Then the 2 tokens go into DESH’s liquidity!

Why the BURN?

Since 2 weeks every Monday 1 million DESH are destroyed; by doing this we reduce the amount of tokens available; so, over time, tokens will become scarcer. In 3 weeks the total supply will be 45 million DESH!

Upcoming updates

The white paper and the website need an update, it is in progress! Automatically calculated APIs to follow the evolution of Investigo are required. A new roadmap will be created!

Partnerships to come?

The answer is yes! DeCash has just concluded a big partnership that will give it a lot of visibility and a new utility! The team is looking forward to presenting it to you in the coming days!

To sum up, the long-term vision of the project is to be able to attach more and more applications that can increase the intrinsic value of DESH!

DeCash is the first cryptocurrency that has an intrinsic value linked to an investment fund.