Hello Decashers! ⚡️

I hope you are well and that you had a good holiday.

The whole team wishes you success for 2021.

We look forward to sharing the DeCash progress with you.


Investigo is finally launched with 20'000$, which have been invested in 2 cryptos (BZRX, SXP). We already reached 23'000$ ! The functioning will be almost the same as initially: when the value of the fund outperforms DeCash, the realized profits will be used to buy DESH. The APY will soon be available on a brand new DeCash website.

We have chosen to invest in the crypto-cash market in order to take advantage of the promising year 2021 for this market. This will allow us to solve the problem of DESH dilution and to start on a good basis for 2022!

Development: How to buy DESH

A webpage explaining to the most novices how to obtain DESH as easily as possible will be added to our website thanks to a collaboration with Swissborg.

This will facilitate the adoption of DESH.


We are in contact with several big influencers in the crypto world to promote DESH.

For the moment they are waiting for the development of the project, which they will eventually share with their communities. This will violently increase our visibility.

(CryptoLove will soon make a video on DESH!).


We will soon burn 5 million DESH during 5 weeks, which is worth about 650'000$.

DESH buy back robot

The robot is currently in manual mode, it will add liquidity in the coming days!


A Medium article will come out every week to follow the project in detail.

Large partnership

We are in contact with a large French institution for the addition of our token in their system!

Coming soon… Get ready for a big announcement.


To conclude, the project continues to evolve and new implementations will arrive throughout the year …

We are still strongly motivated and are excited to continue the work started in 2020!

Thank you for your support and patience for this project! 🚀

DeCash is the first cryptocurrency that has an intrinsic value linked to an investment fund.