Welcome to the world of DeCash! In this article we will introduce and explain DeCash and its DESH token. Enjoy reading!

To begin, what is DeCash?

DeCash is the first crypto currency with an intrinsic value. It is linked to an investment fund : Investigo!


As described in the…

Hello everyone, as you may have noticed, almost all of DeCash’s liquidity has been withdrawn (in the form of token sales) but don’t worry, the transition is on its way ! All the information will be given below.

To go back to what happened these last few weeks, Thiago and…

Nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncer un partenariat stratégique avec Cocoricos pour la suite des différentes intégrations de DeCash-DESH !

Cocoricos ?

Cocoricos est une plate-forme française offrant à ses clients un accès simplifié à la DeFi via le staking et le liquidity mining autour d’une seule et même…

We are pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Cocoricos for the further integration of DeCash-DESH!

Cocoricos ?

Cocoricos is a French platform offering its clients simplified access to DeFi via staking and liquidity mining around a single interface. …

Bienvenue dans le monde de DeCash ! Dans cet article nous allons vous présenter et expliquer DeCash et son jeton DESH. Bonne lecture !

Pour commencer, que-ce que DeCash ?

DeCash est la premiere crypto monnaie ayant une valeur intrinsèque. Elle est reliée à un fond d’investissement : Investigo !

Hello Decashers! ⚡️

I hope you are well and that you had a good holiday.

The whole team wishes you success for 2021.

We look forward to sharing the DeCash progress with you.


Investigo is finally launched with 20'000$, which have been invested in 2 cryptos (BZRX, SXP). We…

It has been an eventful month for DeCash. Between the different listings, the rapid performance of DESH and the implementation of a major project in DeFi, the team had work to do. …

We are proud to see that all of our efforts as well as the patience and devotion of our community are being rewarded. Indeed, DeCash is growing at an exponential rate. This past month, we set ourselves the goal of capturing a larger adoption. The first part of our adoption…

DECASH- Major Listing Coming This Week + Developpements !

We are proud to announce that after weeks of intense negotiations with various exchanges, DeCash will finally be listed in a centralized exchange within the next week !

What does this mean for DeCash?

We can finally expand our visions and crypto currency to a wider audience. The exchange we…

DECASH — An Introduction

We are proud to inform you that our months of planning and weeks of consistent hard work will see our first major milestone being achieved tomorrow (June 28th) with the official launch of the DESH tokens on Uniswap!

While we will detail the project and technologies being employed in our…


DeCash is the first cryptocurrency that has an intrinsic value linked to an investment fund.

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